unleashthe joy!

Phys-Active Fun for the touch-screen generation. The Indoor Thrill-Ride powered by their core-muscles.
FUN for AGES 4-9

Phys-activated by core muscles

Between primary school and home, the majority of the day, kids are sedentary. Whirly•Go•Round is 100% kid-powered fun, using their core muscles (abdominals, back, arms and shoulders) to spin as long and fast as they like!

Touch-screens offer dazzling illustrations that require no imagination, and digital games reprogram the brain to expect immediate gratification. But the thrilling sensation of mastering Whirly•Go•Round to spin as long and fast as they like, rewards real world effort and accomplishment.

more than fun
benefits of SPINNING

ehnhanced brain development

Simply put, the reason most* kids love to spin is because it's good for their brains, which haven't finsished growing. Spinning is powerful vestibular stimulation that can enhance the development of young brains; improving balance, coordination, impulse control; even the ability to concentrate in class.

*Some children are more sensitive to sensory stimulation. In such cases, moderating use can help desensitize them. Always consult a physician.


Real wealth is Found in Precious Childhood Memories

Whirly•Go•Round is more than a hand-crafted heirloom, it's a child's personal magical machine. It provides a thrilling sense of their own physical capability for speed and power, spinning them toward a bright future. Their mastery of it makes them aware of their ability to achieve in the physical world, opening a wider horizon of possibilities for success.

As an heirloom, their treasured memories may be shared, handed down to their own children.

Seems Like Magic

It's the earth's gravitational pull, phys-activated by core muscle to shift their center of mass. The shift unleashes gravitational potential energy causing rotation. Using gross and fine motor skills to time these shifts, develops their reaction time and decision-making while in motion, generating acceleration and Funomenal Fun!

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Slip 'N Slide
​A new generation of fun from a family that created these iconic toys. OUR FUN STORY
Hula Hoop
Super Ball


That's my biggest thing, getting him

off the video games!

Lisa, Mother

They're on it every day. The 4-year old

did 103 revolutions without stopping!

Bruce Peppin, Grandfather

They play with it on and off all day long...

at some point in time, one's always on it.

Reagan's Mom

He kept saying, 'Mommy I want to go on that spinning thing again at church.' He wouldn't stop talking about it.

Bradford's Mom

He loves it so much, he sits

on it to watch TV!

Quinn's Dad

This thing is the best thing and it's

better than recess!

Bradford, Age 7

She loves it just as much today, as the

day we got it. She uses it every day.

Norah's Dad

My kids are on it right now. It's literally

ALL they do. I think I can get rid of all

their other toys and them not notice.

Homeschool Mom

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Faith, Family and Fun!
Spud and Rich playing with bright pink Super Stuff
Spud and Rich playing around at work (from LIFE Dec. 1965).
Spud and Rich playing around at work (from LIFE Dec. 1965).
Spud and Rich twirling Hula Hoops (from TIME Sept 1958)
Named for Spud Melin and Rich Knerr, creators of dozens of iconic toys. Chuck Knerr is bringing their brand of Fun to a new generation.

Helping children better develop their God-given abilities through physically active play.