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From Family That Created Hula Hoop®, Frisbee®, and Slip 'N Slide® Comes a New Generation of Fun

Named in honor of Spud Melin and Rich Knerr, creators of dozens of iconic American toys, Chuck Knerr founded the company to celebrate his mentors and bring Funomenal Fun to a new generation of children.

Funnest Toy Spud and Rich Never Finished

60 years ago, Spud and Rich worked on version 1.0 of what we call Whirly•Go•Round. It was steel and plywood and not ready for market. But Chuck didn't know that, he was the 6-year old test pilot. "Dad warned me constantly to be careful of getting tangled up in the steel legs. I'll never forget the exhilaration of spinning as fast, and for as long as I wanted. Our patio was like Cape Canaveral" In 1962, Spud and Rich were busy with Monster Bubble, Air Blaster and Monster Magnet so they gave up! Now 60-years later, here's the funnest toy Spud and Rich never finished; ready for a new generation of fun!

Whirly•Go•Round is 100% Kid-Powered

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Phys-Active fun improves balance, coordination and spatial orientation.

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Phys-Active fun increases impulse control, ability to focus and sensory integration.

No Worries

We're so confident your child will love their Whirly•Go•Round, if they aren't thrilled, you can return it in 30 days for a full refund.

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Whirly•Go•Round is an Indoor Thrill-Ride for kids ages 4 to 10.  Hand crafted from sustainable bamboo and heirloom quality, made to last for siblings, even generations of fun. Bring the playground indoors, for fun, rain or shine! Requires minimal assembly, just 4 small bolts to attach the seat.


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