and Therapeutic!

Beneficial and Fun For Children 3-8.
Helps Kids to Self-Regulate Emotions, Behaviors and Attention.

• Proprioceptive & Vestibular Stimulation
• Builds Core Strength
• Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation
• PhysActive Fun For All, Every Day
ideal for
Schools / Child Care / Churches / Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Kids become more settled and ready to learn.

Helps to "reset" their emotions.

How It Works

WhirlyGoRound is 100% Kid-Powered

It's Physics: Using core muscles to shift their center of mass away from and toward the center of rotation creates torque. Sustained effort is rewarded by a thrilling sense of achievement.

Why It's Effective

Proprioception and Vestibular Stimulation coupled with Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation

Watching others spin is strong extrinsic motivation for desired behaviors & goals. The sensation of spinning as long and fast as they like is intrinsic motivation and provides vestibular stimulation while building core strength.

Physically active play is important for children to get the sensory input they need to regulate their emotions and behaviors.

Have Bad Days

Not Enough Sensory Input

Today, kids are "protected" from merry-go-rounds, monkey bars and jungle gyms, spending more time in sedentary play and getting less sensory input. Some crawl for only a short time or, for safety, are shuttled between containers so they don't develop sufficient core strength for sensory stimulation.

Sensory Dysregulation Disrupts Self-Regulation

Emotions: Regulating their emotions becomes difficult.

Behavior: Their capacity to regulate their actions and behaviors is hindered. 

Attention and Focus: Regulating their focus and attention is difficult.

Cognitive: Regulating the mental processes for problem solving and persistence to tasks is hindered.

WhirlyGoRound Helps Kids

Proprioceptive and Vestibular Input

Spinning on WhirlyGoRound can lead to a cascade of positive benefits. 


Physical Affect: Better balance, coordination, eye tracking, visual processing, attention, concentration, ability to focus, cognitive processing; enhances neuroplasticity, releases endorphins.

Mood Affect: Better impulse control, ability to regulate emotions, behaviors, and pay attention.


Physical Affect: Stronger core including abdomen, back, hip flexors and shoulder girdle; ability to sit still for long periods, achieve level of movement and play to get sufficient sensory input. balance, coordination, releases endorphins.

Mood Affect: Increased calm, less fidgety, more settled and content.

Is the joy they feel therapeutic? Or do the therapeutic benefits generate the joy?


Family Discount

WhirlyGoRound is designed for constant use in institutional settings, making it more costly than most families can afford.

We hope this can help. 


Designed For Fun, Built To Last

Made out of premium bamboo, WhirlyGoRound exudes durability and quality, fits nicely into play environments with an emphasis on sustainability and health.

Steel bearing assembly: Ensures years of continued fun even with heavy use.

Handcrafted: Each WhirlyGoRound is meticulously built with attention to durability and quality.

WhirlyGoRound makes each day more pleasant for kids, parents and the professionals who care for them.

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