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Funomenal Fun

Perfect for children 4-10, this hand-crafted heirloom toy will grace your home with its simple beauty, while providing years of fun for children and grandchildren.

Bradford said,

The family that brought us Hula Hoop®, Frisbee® and Slip 'N Slide®, is bringing a new generation of FUN.

What Kids Say

What Moms Say:

A work from home parent and a single mom share how Whirly•Go•Round makes their households more fun for everyone.

No Worries

We're so confident your child will love their Whirly•Go•Round, if they aren't thrilled, you can return it in 30 days for a full refund.

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4 happy children from diverse families on Christmas morning. Happy boy on Christmas morning. Happy girl on Christmas morning.
Best Christmas Ever

Phys-Active Fun

Physically active fun is good for kids! Whirly•Go•Round develops a child's gross and fine motor skills to enhance fitness, balance, coordination and strength. Spinning also provides powerful vestibular stimulation that can enhance brain development and sensory processing.
Images of Spud and Rich in front of a chalkboard with diagrams illustrating how Whirly•Go•Round operates entitled 'Physics Fun-01.'
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Physically active fun improves balance, coordination and spatial orientation.

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Physically active fun increases impulse control, ability to focus and sensory integration.

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Physically active fun builds strength and helps decrease childhood obesity.

A happy young woman in a beautiful green forest of bamboo. A happy young woman in a beautiful green forest of bamboo.
Sustainable Fun
Bamboo can grow 4 inches in a day so it's plentiful. And it's stronger than oak, so the fun can last!
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Whirly•Go•Round is an Indoor Thrill-Ride for kids ages 4 to 10 years.  Make any room an amusement park of Funomenal Fun with this heirloom toy. It's the most fun a kid can have indoors, rain or shine! Made of sustainable bamboo so it's as durable as it is beautiful in any room. Hand-crafted in Kentucky. Ships fully assembled, ready to ride.

Our Fun Story:

Here's the story of the funnest toy Spud and Rich never made. Named in honor of Spud Melin and Rich Knerr, creators of dozens of iconic American toys, Chuck Knerr founded the company to celebrate his mentors and bring Funomenal Fun to a new generation of children.

A workbench where Whirly•Go•Rounds are being assembled with a field of ripe corn stalks visible out the shop window.

Whirly•Go•Round is made on our family's farm in Kentucky.

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