A story of innovation and humble beginnings for two best friends.

Wham-O® traces its roots back to the humble beginnings of Spud Melin and Rich Knerr, who embarked on their journey in the garage of Rich's parents. Rather than work for their fathers, their entrepreneurial spirit led them to create their first product—a hardwood slingshot, which they began selling through mail order. This initial venture marked the start of a remarkable legacy that would shape the world of play and sports. From those modest beginnings, Spud Melin and Rich Knerr went on to revolutionize the toy industry with their unparalleled creativity and passion for fun!


Fostering the Development of Children's God-given Abilities Through Physically Active Play.

At Spud 'N Rich, our mission is to enrich the lives of children by offering them a real-world of fun beyond digital amusements. We achieve this by creating PhysActive Toys that inspire real-world movement and play. By harnessing the phenomenal properties of physics, we craft toys that ignite a sense of awe and wonder, providing what we call "Funomenal Fun."

Our unwavering commitment to the sustainability of fun drives us to use only premium materials and exceptional design in the creation of our toys. This ensures that our products not only stand the test of time but also deliver heirloom quality, bringing countless hours of enjoyment for years to come.

"This is the street I grew up on and these are some of the toys we grew up with. 'Go outside and play,' was our routine after school, but if we saw Dad's car coming before dark, we'd run to the driveway to greet him. It meant he'd brought a new toy idea home to test out on us! Over the years, a prototype of each of these toys came home with him."

-Chuck Knerr


Do you still cherish those unforgettable moments of childhood wonder? Remember the first time you threw a Frisbee® or ran barefoot across the lawn, to glide down a Slip 'N Slide®? How about the thrill of your very first Super Ball®? I share those same feelings of delight and awe, but with a unique twist - these incredible toys were brought home from the factory by my Dad!

Spud and Rich, the creative minds behind these toys, harnessed the extraordinary principles of physics, giving birth to what I proudly call "Funomenal Fun." Witness a Hula Hoop® defying gravity, or a Frisbee® gracefully gliding across the sky - these toys defied our expectations and ignited a sense of awe and excitement that words can scarcely capture.

Describing the intricate physics behind them pales in comparison to the sheer joy of streaking down a Slip 'N Slide®, watching a Super Ball® explode off the pavement into the sky, or spinning as fast and long as your heart desires.The essence of these toys lies in their Funomenal Fun factor - the ability to spark our imaginations and create lasting memories. 

It's Just Funomenal!

Our Story Comes Full Circle...

Etched in his memory forever, Chuck fondly recalls it as "the funnest toy they never made!"

The thrill and joy he experienced while testing the prototype left an indelible mark on his heart and fueled his passion to bring that exhilarating fun to children everywhere. Chuck's unwavering dedication to creating a remarkable heirloom toy has transformed the once-unfinished idea into a reality that will be cherished by kids of all generations.



Before the iconic Slip 'N Slide® took the world by storm, the creative minds of Spud and Rich were already hard at work on another exhilarating contraption. Picture pipes and plywood coming together to form the early version of what we now know as the WhirlyGoRound. Although not quite ready for the market, Chuck Knerr, its 5-year old test pilot, discovered it held tremendous potential for endless fun. Chuck recalls those days vividly, "I'll never forget the exhilaration of spinning. The Space Race was on and our patio was Cape Canaveral!"

Unfortunately, with the overwhelming success of the Slip 'N Slide® sweeping the nation, Spud and Rich had their hands full. As a result, the WhirlyGoRound project was set aside and eventually forgotten.

But Chuck's love for that contraption never faded... And now, you can get the inside scoop! Watch the video featuring Rich and Chuck as they reminisce about the funnest toy they never finished... until now.